Broadcasters (Ministers & Pastors)

microphone_margin24 Hour Online Radio accepts broadcasts from Pastors & Ministers around the globe.

 To submit your sermon(s) to broadcast for airplay, simply send us the link using the FORM below, and we will send you an electronic document to e-sign acknowledging that you understand our minimal requirements.  Our team will listen and consider it for airplay.


Please have backup copies of EVERYTHING you send to us. We will notify you by email if we accept your broadcast.

Send us a little information. We don’t need much – just a little info explaining who you are and where you came from.  A little info can mean a lot. All CDs submitted to 24 Hour become the property of 24 Hour and will not be returned. To follow up on the broadcast you sent, email us at

In most cases the Broadcaster Release Form must be submitted or signed and returned before we can play your submissions (You will receive this via email to digitally sign – *ONLY IF YOUR BROADCAST IS ACCEPTED*).

If you would rather mail it to us, mail your CD to:

ATTN: 24 Hour

c/o Tech Queen Systems & Productions LLC

2620 Regatta Drive, Suite #102

Las Vegas, NV 89128

If you agree and meet the following minimal requirements below, complete the form below and we will email you a Content Submission form. Any and all submissions for airplay by the artist, management, legal representative, distributor, or other connected entity, grants 24 Hour permission to play your CD, Album, Song, Sound Recording and the link on 24 Hour
  • All submitted music must be copywritten
  • You must have the right and legal authority to submit the copyrighted music.

Remember to listen to and bookmark and DOWNLOAD the MOBILE APP for 24 Hour 24 Hour is working hard to deliver a total quality experience that exceeds our listeners’ expectations and your submissions are important to us.

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