Promotional / Advertising Options

We do not charge for either the airing of your music or your interview.  

Our program manager will inform you of the exact date and time your interview will be aired.  If you will not be available on that date/time, please let us know at that time!  We normally air your interview approximately 4-6 weeks after the pre-recording.  This is to give our sound engineers and social media team time to optimize the quality of your interview session  .


Artist Advertisement and Promotion

If you decide you would like to have your Banner or CD cover rotate on our website, there is a $240/mo. Advertisement Fee which includes:

  • Your Banner being shown on our website and rotating (Marquis Style) 6 times an hour (pausing for 15 seconds each time).  This equals 144 times a day the world will be exposed to your music for a whole month or more. 
  • We offer promotions on all of our social media networks.  We begin promoting the interview 1-week prior to the interview actual air-date to drive listeners from over 150 countries to your interview session;




24 Hour

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