Broadcaster/ Pastor Submission

To begin the process of airing your Message read below:

The below “LINK TO SUBMIT YOUR MESSAGE” provides a SIGN UP NOW application. This application will give us your contact information.


Once you fill out this page and click on “SUBMIT,” we will receive the completed form and will email you a link to schedule an interview where we can answer any questions you might have. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions carefully via the below link.


NOTE: Please read the following FEE SCHEDULE:

Package 1 – Broadcasters Advertisements and Airing

  1.  $192/mo. or $48/wk. (Billed Monthly)
  2.  15 minute weekly show
  3.  Intro/ Outro included
  4.  Audio Editing
  5.  Cloud Data Storage

Package 2 – Broadcaster Advertisement and Airing

  1. $399 One time setup fee (Covers first month)
  2. $384/mo. or $96/wk. thereafter
  3. Air time = 30 minutes per week
  4. Intro/ Outro included
  5. Audio editing
  6. Cloud Data Storage


Thank you for your interest in submitting your MESSAGE to be aired over 150 countries!



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