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The Darrell Luster Radio Show Darrell Luster has been in the Gospel Music Industry for over 30 years. Because he was and still is big fan of Gospel Music, he takes pride in playing the music that “you” want to hear. He also considers himself to be a Gospel Music Historian, so you’ll get the best in Gospel Music trivia and information. You’ll also get weekly information on where your favorite groups will be.  So tune in each and every Saturday from 10:00AM - 2:00PM CST for that old fashioned music that was good enough for grandma and grandpa, but is still good enough for me and you.

Darrell Luster. As a youngster, Darrell Luster fell in love with the music of the Soul Stirrers, the Sensational Nightingales and the Highway QCs having no knowledge that he would someday work with all three quartets, along with other legendary gospel artists.

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