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24 Hour Gospel has added the music from Independent artists from around the globe in rotation during this feature time on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. We encourage all our listening audience to tune in and support these artists.

“I personally think signing a huge deal can sometimes be rooted in an archaic idea of success. It has its benefits for certain artists and I can appreciate that, but for people like me who are trying to push boundaries and have a really specific vision in mind, sometimes having a business partner with a lot of control over your creative can have detrimental effects. I don’t want to create anything watered down or something that isn’t completely true to myself. I think the main advice I would offer is know the value of you and your art—labels need you more than you need them. With a ton of hard work and good people to help you navigate, it’s very possible to be a successful independent artist with a good living, without the constraints of a traditional label. The internet provides that opportunity to be super connected to listeners, and also to collaborators! The world is truly your oyster as an indie musician.” – Raveena, artist

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