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Written by on March 5, 2018

24 Hour Gospel.com was originally established as a platform for independent artists to have a place to share their music with the world.  It has since grew to a media source for Pastors and ministers around the globe to share their gospel message to an international audience. https://24hourgospel.com/broadcasters – 24 Hour Gospel.com is dedicated to bringing you the BEST in Gospel Music from around the world. Featuring Las Vegas independent artists every hour on the hour, the Lavon Bridges Morning Show, Holiday Testimonials, etc. Pastors from Las Vegas and around the World;

Our mission statement is simply “connecting the world through GOSPEL from local to global”.  The 24HG team is committed to providing a global audience to local artists and ministry leaders who has a message or song from God for the world to hear.

For your convenience, you can listen to our radio station by ANY mobile device or through your desktop / laptop computers.

We are pleased to give you the BEST in Gospel Music! NOW, there is a place on the world wide web that is a one stop click, and you don’t have to change your “INTERNET DIAL” because you will receive everything and anything you are looking for right here on our 24 Hour Gospel station. The programming is diverse to include a variety of music genres, talk shows, news, spoken Word, Preaching messages, and more! We continue to increase our creativity to ensure that you are receiving the BEST of what we have to offer.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to join the 24HG family, simply call 224-333-2444 (24HG).

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